Janet Melrose R.S.W.

January 5, 2017

RSW Painting Demos

The RSW is having a series of painting demos during the annual show. I am with my friend and fellow painter Ann Wegmuller who I work with on a weekly basis.

We are going to talk about our approach to painting landscape and our use of water based materials.

Sat 14th Jan 11-13:00 Derek Robertson
Sat 14th Jan 14-16:00 Janet Melrose, Ann Wegmuller
Sun 15th Jan 11-13:00 Neil Macdonald, David Forster
Sun 15th Jan 14-16:00 Ann Oram, Jean Martin
Sat 21st Jan 11-13:00 Gregor Smith, Jim Dunbar
Sat 21st Jan 14-16:00 Jim Dunbar
Sun 22nd Jan 11-13:00 Douglas Davies